Friday, August 8, 2008

Gearing Up For School

4 days until we officially start school and counting! I was fortunate enough to come across a used desk that one of the local schools were getting rid of. I snatched it, of course, brought it home and then let my oldest paint it pink. I figured since she was officially a kindergartener she should have her own desk. My middle two who will be doing their own work will just have to settle for the kitchen table! I have to say that I'm getting excited over the upcoming school year. We are in limbo with housing right now, so I haven't got the opportunity to "decorate" my classroom. All of our school charts are already packed. But hopefully before the year goes on too much we'll move and get re-organized.
Mistic is using ABeka K5. She will be learning how to write in cursive, how to read, and do math. She has a science book, a Social Studies book, an English/Phonics book, and an art book. She got a brand new Hannah Montana backpack and a High School Musical pencil case. Who said homeschooling couldn't be education AND fun!!!
Faith will be learning how to print. Identifying letters and hopefully writing them. Both her and AJ will be learning/reviewing shapes, colors, and numbers (at least thru 10). Most of their work are print outs that I found online. But they each have an art book for their own age llevel.
Isaiah, well, he's much to young to "learn" but I suppose he'll sit in his high chair and play or eat a snack.
We all plan on learning a new memory verse each week, sign language, and hopefully before the semester ends Mistic will start piano lessons given by none other (ME!).
The year promises to be fun, I'll post updates and pictures!

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Anonymous said...

They all look so ready for school. Have a great day. Love, Mom


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