Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who needs routine?

I've given up on trying to do any actual routine. As long as we are planted where we are, that just is not happening. I'm not even stressing over Faith and her "school". She's 4. We'll get to it. That goes for AJ as well. I'm sure once we get transplanted and settled my mindset will change. I'll be eager to teach them all, but for now I feel that it's best to concentrate on little things. Since I've decided that I feel a whole lot happier with things! Today Mistic was the only one that had actual school. She reviewed the #7 and learned how to write the letter "e" in cursive. That was a HUGE deal for her!!!

Our sign language is really coming along. 'I Love You' is one that they have picked up quickly. Mistic has a decent grasp of the letters A-I, and is working on J-O. Today we learned "yes" and "no". Mistic was insistent that "no" is actually done by making a fist and shaking it back and forth (seeing as yes is a fist that goes up and down). It was cute.

This week's verse is simple... but necessary! "Do everything without complaining or arguing." Philippians 2:14. It's the NIV version. It was the simplest translation and since we're dealing with children, I figured that would be the best. These verses aren't just for the kids though. Goodness knows I need these reminders as well... maybe I don't argue, but boy do I complain sometimes!

Our fruit tree is growing... We added the fruit of peace today. Do you know how you have peace? You have peace by doing what God tells you to do. Isn't that amazing? Of course, this fruit has went along with the fruit of love (loving God and loving others) and the fruit of joy (which you get by making God first and being nice to others). Great lessons.

So yeah, we might not be doing a lot of "book" work, but what my kids are learning is far more valuable than anything else in this life.

The health book that I've borrowed from the library talked about eating healthy. I was able to get online and find all sorts of info on the Food Pyramid. Since we try to eat healthy, they already had a good idea of what foods were good and what foods were bad. But we talked about the different groups and how we could add more foods from these groups to our diet. I even found a coloring sheet for them to color their own pyramid! The pyramid I printed off is hanging on our fridge to be reviewed when we eat- to see what foods we have that we need and maybe what foods we need to add. I plan on using this lesson when I go grocery shopping. Who knows, maybe the kids will start eating some green veggies now!

And Isaiah... well, he was so good today... he played all morning so I could teach his sisters!


Sarah said...

You're doing an excellent job teaching them the important things. It's best not to stress over the routine not coming together just yet. I know it's hard, because I still get stressed if my routine gets messed up. I've found that everything seems to work out anyway, and sometimes better than I expected.

Kimmie said...

Sounds like so good fun learning. Excited to hear about your sign language-I think it is an excellent language to have and the deaf friends I have are so sweet when I sign.

blessings to you;
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted


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