Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Middle of Week 6

This week has held many things that aren't a normal for us. It's been a nice change of pace.

Monday we took full advantage of the wonderful lower 70 degree temps to spend out and about. Since daddy takes our one and only vehicle each Monday-Tuesday to school we decided to take advantage of our health and our own two feet to go! We walked to the library and checked some books out.

Then we walked to the park and met up with some friends! We were out and about for 3 hours! It was absolutely wonderful! When we got home Monday we picked up some sticks from where a big limb had fell over the weekend. I guess you could say we got some P.E.!

Tuesday we did school in the morning, a bunch of the same old, same old- cursive, phonics, colors, and numbers! We had a homeschool playgroup- yep, you guessed it- we walked there!!! And then we visited the park again since it was the last day for the real nice weather. We spent our walks talking about colors, letters, and shapes. You know, the stop sign covered all three: red, s-t-o-p-, and octagon! Blue skies! White trucks! Pink flowers! Speed limit: 25! The sky is the limit (literally) when it comes to educating your children!

Today we did more school and then each child had an art project! Mistic loved getting to finger paint and Faith got to use scissors- always a treat! Later today is our grocery shopping day, so more opportunities for learning! Even if it is just shapes, letters, and colors!

Our extras for the week include Joshua 24:15b "But for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Our fruit of GOODNESS. And we've been reading a book. We have talked about how clouds have been made (condesation and dust mixing) and why it rains (the clouds overflow with water). The eye of the hurricane. The different strengths of a hurricane. Even though the book is above their level- it has pictures and some things make sense. I compared a cloud with rain to a wash cloth. If you wring it out, it doesn't drip, but if you put more water on a wet cloth it drips! Just like a cloud when it rains.

So, two more days for week 6 to be complete. Wow! Time is flying!!!

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