Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our week in review

Can you believe it? We completed week 4 of the 2008/2009 school year! Things are coming together. I have discovered that I can't do all three kids at once, so I usually work with Mistic seperately and then AJ and Faith together. It works better that way. Maybe all people who homeschool multiple ages like that do it, maybe they all do it together- I don't know. All I know is when you homeschool, you do what works for your family! Since I've started doing this I have felt more calm and organized! Always a plus.

Let's see. Mistic has decided that not all letters are created equal. She prefers to do the letters such as "i", "t", "u" and "e" over the letters "a" and "o". I think being left-handed always adds to the normal struggle of learning cursive. Speaking of cursive, the letters are suppose to be slanted- can anyone tell me WHY they have to be slanted and is it really a big deal to slant them?

Faith and AJ BEG to do school. Everytime I start with Mistic they really, really, really want to do something as well! It's too bad that eagerness doesn't last forever! I do try to take advantage of it though. AJ is reviewing her numbers and has turned into a very precise artist. She spends many minutes just coloring one project. She likes to make sure there is no white left! It keeps her busy and happy so I'm all for it! Faith is learning her name still. Working on improving her fine motor skills. A trick I've learned for both of those is to trace their name on a piece of paper and have them go over it with different color markers. I did this to AJ too and she surprised me at how well she traces her name. Faith has moved on from solely tracing over her name to looking at her name and writing it for herself on a new sheet of paper. In the next few weeks we'll work at getting her name smaller and then maybe going back to the Phonics curriculum she started out with.

Our special study this week was "lightning". You only get a picture of Faith's lightning because she was the only one who wanted to color her page! It was very interesting to learn the various types of lightning, how you can tell how far away lightning is by watching it lightning and then counting the seconds for the thunder. The book we borrowed from the library provided some awesome pictures for us to look at!

Our memory verse for this week: Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Provided discussion about how everyone makes mistakes but because Jesus died on the cross for us, we can be forgiven for ours sins if we only ask God.

Our fruit tree is still bearing fruit. We tackled the hard fruit this week: Patience. Everybody struggles with patience! We try to use every day life to serve as fruity reminders. In our house, waiting for a toy that we want to play with has been the biggest object lesson!

Sign language: mother, father, milk, and the letters thru "t". Before long we'll take a week or two and really go over what we've learned thus far. I'm surprised at how quickly they pick this up!

Be sure to check back next week. We are playing catch-up so we can get back on track and have lots planned to accomplish! Plus I made a library run today so you'll have to check back to see what our special study is!


Carletta said...

Hi Erika! Thank you for stopping by my blog. We use A Beka too, and we love it. Your kids are really cute!

CouldBeAnyone said...

Regarding slanted letters: I've noticed over the years that European-style cursive is rounder and not as slanted as the way we learned it. My grandma didn't slant her cursive either, so maybe it has to do with a particular style that was accepted by schools in the mid-20th century? I don't know for sure but it could be interesting to look up.



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