Friday, September 12, 2008

What a week!

We were kept quite busy playing catch-up this week, but I'm glad to say that it's over and we survived! Mistic has just a couple pages to do tomorrow and I can start next week, week SIX, on track! I'm so glad too! I can spend Monday preparing lesson plans. I haven't had any time to do that yet and this weekend we are gone! There isn't much to report this week.

Mistic is basically just reviewing in her Numbers book. She seems to be enjoying Social Studies with her daddy. They have covered several community helpers such as Farmers, Doctors, and Vets. I wish we lived in a town where it would be possible to take field trips to some of these places (especially farmers!) but that isn't happening. Her cursive is improving. She is feeling more confident and doesn't drag her feet as much. I've had her start tracing her name in cursive, even though we haven't gotten to all the letters yet. I felt it would strengthen her ability much like it's done for Faith.

Faith has started to trace things that have been written smaller, as well as different letters- not just her name. We might try adding her Letter book back in the next week or two.

AJ has just enjoyed coloring with her Number pages and loves tracing her name. She then feels its neccessary to add doodles all around it!

I suppose the NEWEST thing to report is the addition of our blends. Our Phonics class has became fun and challenging. The pages for the students to do aren't overly long, but makes Mistic think. She flies thru her Number papers, but not so with Phonics. But she's good at it. She knows what sound all her vowels make and we've added constanents. Today we took the first step in reading words... by adding a constanent to our blend ladder.

Since we know all our vowels and have learned about "t","l","b", and "n" we are slowly able to make words, like "tab", "bit", "nat".

We've learned all the letters in the alphabet in sign language and the word for water. I think we might be spending next week reviewing. It'll give me a chance to figure out what other words we should learn.

Our memory verse: Ephesians 6:1 "Children, Obey your parents in the Lord for this is right."

Our fruit: Kindness.

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