Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's new? Tests!

We traveled this past weekend and didn't get home until Monday afternoon. That made the rest of the week off kilter! I think we survived, but it was challenging. We just did the bare basics on school, didn't even read extra books or anything. So I guess there isn't much to report. We didn't even add a new fruit or a new memory verse! Hopefully next week will be more eventful. We are adding something new to our learning- so stay tuned!

The only thing to report is that this is week 7 and Mistic had two "tests". She got a C on both of them. It really wasn't fair- there was only 10 questions and she missed 3 on each of them. I went over her mistakes and most of them could have been avoided had she paid a little more attention. We do need to work on writing her numbers and as usual her phonics. She did really good though- I'm proud of her! She is doing a fantastic job on recognzing her numbers and her phonic sounds, even if she did get a C on the test!

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