Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What week are we?

I think we are finishing week 10. Wow! 2 1/2 months of nothing but steady school work... well, that's about to end though because *drum roll please*... WE ARE MOVING! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm prepared for this though because we doubled up this week and while I'm not sure if we are doing school next week, the next week we DO school will be doubled and then we'll be back on track. Oh the joys.

This week's memory verse was: "In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth." Genesis 1:1. Nothing like starting at the very beginning. Plus I get to instill knowledge that will help them when they get older. We did NOT evolve you know.

The fruit tree is all but full... we lack one more fruit- self control. This week we tackled gentleness. Choosing to be nice and calm, choosing not to hurt someone. Tough lesson.

Faith and AJ haven't done school this week, I've been keeping busy with packing and planning. Hasn't seemed to hurt them though, I think they've enjoyed the break. Mistic, however, wishes she was as fortunate! We've been struggling. She's just not getting the number thing. Simple numbers like those in the twenty family, even some in the teens. I think I'm going to have to slow things down because ABeka seems to be flying through the number recognition. One week they do the twenty family, the next week the thirty family and so on. Just too fast for us! She'll get it though, I'm sure of it. It just takes some time- and patience!

She's learning to tell time too. We learned that if the big hand is straight up on the 12 that it's "o'clock" and then whatever number the little hand is on it would be that number o'clock. She aces everything that has to do with that part!

Today we introduced the nickel. So she now knows that the penny is one cent and the nickel is five cents.

On the phonics hand though she's doing quite well. She's really getting the hang of it. She just doesn't always WANT to do it... That's the only thing, I KNOW she knows how, but just getting her to do it can be a challenge! But when she does it, she does it well. I'm proud of her. I think by Christmas she'll be ready for some little readers. We learned our first phonic rule today... The letter C always comes before letters "a", "o", and "u", but the letter K comes before letters "e" and "i".

She's had more "quizzes" this week and did awesome on the phonic one, but messed up big time on the number one. Nick said he can already tell that numbers won't be her thing! I don't blame her, they aren't mine either!

Don't know when I'll update again, but figured it was time for a good update!

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