Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 4/Track & Field

Today is my 1st graders Track and Field day at school. They do different events like relays, races, egg toss, hula hoop and sack races. It's a fun day that they get to compete in different events. My kindergartner has her Track and Field tomorrow. Since we have been trying to avoid gluten and dairy I knew I was going to have to pack a snack. It's three hours in the morning and I knew my kids- that meant snack time! PTO was there selling pretzels, goldfish, and fruit roll-ups, but that wasn't good enough. So I packed a small chest with water, grapes, apple slices & Chex mix (for Isaiah). It was great!. AJ and Mistic both enjoyed the grapes and I felt good about giving it to them. Mistic did superb bringing in two 1st place ribbons and a 3rd place ribbon.

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