Monday, May 10, 2010

Gluten and Dairy Free

My youngest, Isaiah, has bad allergies. We haven't been able to get him tested to see exactly what, but for as long as I can remember he's been on several allergy medicines. It started with over the counter, then prescriptions, and then at one point he was on Zyrtec, Singulair, AND Nasonex. I hate having to give him THAT much medicine so we are making some changes. One change is in our diet, and the other is trying to incorporate some herbal remedies.

We decided to try a gluten and dairy free diet for two weeks to see what improvements we see. We are hoping his chronic runny nose and the cough that seems to be there more often than not disappear. Our oldest also has allergies, though not as severe, I'm hoping to see a change in her "itchiness" as well as a calming behavior through her!

Today is day 1. So far it's not been too bad, but it's only 9pm. I spent yesterday doing some baking. We made some chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon muffins. They turned out yummy. Surprising since they ARE gluten and dairy free. I tried my hand as some breakfast bars, but they are totally nasty so I'll have to work on that recipe. They need some sweetness to them as they are just primarily oats and applesauce/juice/diced dried apples. I stocked up on fruit as well.

My older two- who are in school- helped packed their lunch for today. We'll see if they packed enough to keep them from starving at the end of the day...

Hubby got sent to work today with cantaloupe (he's not a big breakfast or lunch eater).

Tonight's dinner: Spaghetti (with gluten free pasta). I'll be sure to post how it tastes. I have some turkey meat to go into the sauce and I'm sure we won't notice too big of a difference.

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