Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ok, ok... I know, I lack consistency. But I'm going to try! I promise!!! Trust me, you haven't missed THAT much.

For starters, the hubby and I are planning a mission survey trip to Thailand hopefully in November. We feel God's call to the mission field and we want to know for sure if Thailand is it! Right now, we are raising money and getting passports. It's an exciting time as we talk to some other missionaries over there and read up on Thailand. It's been a fun educational time for the kids too. If nothing ever comes from this, the kids will at least know SOMETHING about Thailand!

We are getting excited about homeschooling although no date has been set. I haven't even ordered the school books! I am aiming for mid-August though. Even though we homeschooled for a bit in Mississippi, this is the first "official" year. I have to submit a letter of intent and all to the superintendent. It's a bit nerve racking, but I know I can give the kids a good education and thankfully Arkansas is pretty relaxed in it's rules. I have decided to do My Father's World for the majority of the curriculum. Singapore math for Mistic. For Faith and AJ I'm concentrating on mostly reading and writing with them. Math will be print outs on the computer and everyday life. It's important that they have a very solid reading and writing base so that's why we will concentrate heavily on that. We will be using Pathway Readers for them. They will also benefit from some of the other subjects from MFW. That's one of the benefits I saw from MFW, it can be used with a wide range of ages/grades. We are very excited about that. Isaiah gets his own lesson plans though, He will get to learn about cows, eyes, jungles, the letters, numbers, colors, and shapes! I predict the 2010-2011 school year will be lots of fun for everyone!

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