Saturday, August 14, 2010

My bff, the library.

This year's no set curriculum has, at times, made my head hurt! Everything we are doing is from scratch, with the one exception to a 4th grade history book from ABeka. I only got that because I REALLY needed a good book to use and was having trouble finding what I was looking for online. Yes, I'm using Lesson Pathways for our science, math, LA, and reading guide and I'm using Letter of the Week for my 2 1/2 year old. But the Lesson Pathways is just a guide. I still have to find all the printables, figure out how I want to teach it and on what days, and find books that go along with it, decide what I want our free reading time to be, etc... There's a lot to it when you think about it. It's all from scratch! But it's came along nicely. This morning I went to the library and spent one whole hour- kid-free- and found book after book after book that works perfectly for our first week of school (1 week from Monday!). I can't believe it! I am so excited! I found books on animal classifaction, skeletons, math, vowels, Mercy Watson for Mistic's language art lessons, Shakespeare, cows (Isaiah's lesson), and lots of readers for the girls! It made my day and made me feel awesome! I am ready for our school year to start, I predict lots of learning for both the kids and me!

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The Anglin Family said...

Hey! I just wanted to say hi. :) saw ur blog on facebook. I homeschooled Caden in K and it was soo hard. I wish I could do it again with all of mine. I read quite a few blogs of homeschoolin mamas:)


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