Monday, August 16, 2010


According to the dictionary, opposition can be defined as "a person or group of people opposing, criticizing, or protesting something, someone, or another group."

Now I will use it in a sentence.

Homeschoolers tend to see a lot of opposition.

If you were a person, like my husband, who didn't really care what others thought, then opposition would be no big deal... If you are a person, like myself, that is bothered greatly by opposition, then opposition is HUGE!

How does one cope with opposition? My husband just ignores it and does what he feels he needs to do. I think about it constantly for days and it causes sleepless nights. I often feel the urge to change because of it.

Obviously, my way isn't always right! I feel deeply convicted that I should homeschool my children. It is something that I feel is NECESSARY. Both my husband and I are in agreement about this. But it still bothers me that some people close to me are so opposed to this. It kinda takes the fun out of it. I feel like I have to hide what we do.

I need to become less bothered by opposition...


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Erika!!! I know how hard it is to do something when others, especially those that are close to you, oppose your decisions. I find that clearing away the 'clutter' helps. It is almost like peeling an onion....ask yourself what the basic question is? What is the bottom line that you are talking about? Once you get to the core of the onion, you will be able to remind yourself that you have already worked this out with God and are following him. HIS opinion is the only one that counts.

Anonymous said...

I saw where you posted on our blog, Mommy, Esquire. Thanks!
When I went to your blog, I couldn't believe that you wrote this. I, too, feel the tug of "opposition." Opposition can even come from people who are your friends/family...not just "outsiders" looking in. I wish I didn't care so much either. This is definitely a journey that you are not traveling alone on. :) Thanks for the heartfelt words. Kim

The Lundys said...

i'm a lucky one, blessed to not care! hope you do get better at letting go of that worry. i'm sure it's tough! found you on the homeschool hop!

Anonymous said...

Learning to let go of the opposition is tough. My husband used to refer to my taking "duck" lessons...learning to let it roll off my back like a duck with water. It's natural for some to examine ourselves when others opposed or criticize what we are doing - the old saying about when shooting an arrow, if you miss the target, look for the reason in yourself. Self-examination is good. Learning to let go of the opposition when you find no conviction in yourself from their statements is an art. Like all arts - it is a journey. Hang in there. - Aunt Betty


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