Thursday, August 19, 2010

PS went back today

All the area schools started back today. We don't start until Monday. I don't really understand the whole starting in the middle of the week thing anyway, why not start fresh? I checked my Facebook this morning and there were tons of "back to school" posts and pictures. Friend's children were starting 1st or 2nd grade, teacher friends were heading back for a new school year. It startled me when I felt my heart twinge in sadness that I wasn't part of the posting. But the twinge didn't last long. My kids had a relaxing morning as they slowly woke up, nestled on the couch for a few minutes of TV, and ate an unrushed breakfast. I thought more about the twinge my heart had felt and realized that I wasn't sad that they weren't "going to school" but instead it was sad that they weren't experiencing the new backpacks and the overall 'experience'.

I'm a homeschool graduate. I never went to public school. I turned out fine. At least I think I did. In my quest for a simpler life, a life that's more tuned to God and His direction for us, I need to realize that new backpacks, a back to school list, new school clothes, and the 'experience' aren't part of that plan. What's really important here? The education of course. Family. Loving. Laughter. Staying true to God's will.

Sure, I wasn't part of the posting this morning, but I will on Monday!

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Debra said...

You make a mom so proud and I love how you did the kid's names on the other post with their pictures.


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