Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Ramblings

I told my husband this morning that I needed to keep a small notebook with our current school topics in the glove box. Why? Well, it's quite simple. Our life doesn't fit the "sit down" and learn approach! If I had a notebook, I'd at least remember what was my goal for the week and could find "school" in our every day life! Yesterday went nothing like I had planned, and this morning we were very late getting started! Hubby wanted to run by the cell phone place, so the kids and I sat in the car and entertained ourselves by doing an alphabet scavenger hunt (when we found the letter we also had to say the sound it made), found numbers and refreshed the place values and practiced rounding up, and discussed the clouds (water cycle/type of cloud, etc). At least it wasn't wasted time. On our way back to the house, we were rear-ended and THAT took time! Thankfully everyone is fine, the van is minimally damaged, and we saw police, an ambulance, and a fire truck.

Math is pretty simple for AJ and Faith this week, mostly some addition and tracing numbers. We talk about calendar, days of the week, months of the year, and practice our counting daily. AJ has mastered the skip counting by 5s, so proud of her! Mistic is learning about rounding up/down. So far we've only discussed rounding to the tenth, but the hundredth will come tomorrow. She is also learning to tell time to the minute!!! Woohoo!!!

Science is so exciting this week! AJ is learning about her third sense: touch. She loves coloring the picture (this week it was of a hand with a finger pointing), cutting it out, and then gluing it into her Science notebook. For Mistic and Faith we are talking about rocks. We are making rock candy and had so much fun doing that yesterday! We are still waiting, as this process takes a few days. They recorded exactly what they did yesterday and will make daily updates in their notebook as they watch the progress. Today we started actually learning about rocks, specifically the three different types. Today's rock was the sedimentary rock. We have a project that we are watching- combined water with epsom salt and then poured it over sand. It'll demonstrate the sedimentary rock! I'm loving all the hands on projects!

That's pretty much the highlight of our week. Reading, spelling, writing/journal, and LA just don't say "exciting" like Science!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks, we're going to take some of our learning on the road! Road trip to Colorado! Meanwhile, I'm off to find that notebook...


Jenilee said...

visiting from the homeschool hop! nope, days don't always go like planned. :) and a notebook is a GREAT idea!

Ashley Pichea said...

I like the idea of having a notebook! I use a BusyBodyBook planner, and it would make a great homeschool planner!

Stopping by to say "Hi" from the Hip Homeschool Hop!
I just wanted to introduce myself as the newest member of the HHM team - I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

- Ashley Pichea


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