Monday, December 27, 2010

Almost Ready

*sigh* Christmas is over. It was WONDERFUL. The year 2010 is almost over. January 1st is a special day for us- not only is it a new year, fresh slate. It's our son's b'day! Isaiah will be THREE this year! Man, time sure has flown! I'm looking forward to the year 2011. I think it'll be a great year. I've been spending the last few days getting things ready to register to homeschool here in Nebraska. The requirements are slightly different than what I'm use to, but I have all my paper work ready- just need something notarized and then I can send it in! I am SO ready to get into a NORMAL. Since moving it's all been different- what with the holidays and all- but I NEED normal. Consistency. And for a routine with school. I'm all about learning as we go, but I am anticipating the calmness that comes with routine. The plan? To start January 3rd. Have I mentioned that I am SOOOOOOOOOOO ready?!

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