Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Small town living

Ok, so it's been 3 weeks since we've moved to Nebraska. Things are still surprising us and still kinda shocking.

Small town living is a very unique experience. Especially if you are use to cities. Or towns with at LEAST a few thousand people! But I must say, small town living has a certain appeal.

I have absolutely loved all the baking and cooking we've been doing. NOT having the ability to just run to McDonalds or grab a pizza has yielded in a wider range of homemade goodies for our taste buds. Even the girls have broadened their horizons, requesting foods like broccoli- and then EATING IT! We have started making homemade bread, veggie soup, butternut squash soup, and all our desserts. Lemon cakes, cookies, homemade chocolate syrup, maple syrup, pancakes. You name it! It's been AWESOME! And not only is homemade foods good for you, they lack all the bad preservatives... homemade food even LOOKS good!

Small town moment: DMV office is opened one day a week. And only one day a week. And when you go get your driver's license, they give you a temporary paper one... and tell you that the plastic one is in the mail. To me, the paper one is odd, but whatever... But an office that is ONLY opened once a week- THAT is strange!

Small town living might be different, but life in Nebraska is pretty neat... We've LOVE the snow flurries... and LOVE tasting them!

and you always can see wildlife when you are out driving... Large groups of turkeys will just walk across the street in front of your car! I mean, how cool are wild turkeys?!

And last but not least, how amazing is God? Sunsets are beautiful, but I am lovin' the sunsets that aren't hindered by buildings, trees, or terrain. A perk to the flat land!

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

LOL I'm grew up on a small Maine ISLAND. Talk about small town living! (What little we had closed at dinnertime! LOL) I also have lived in a big city (Indianapolis), but I was happy to get back to our rural living in Maine!



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