Sunday, January 9, 2011

I love homeschooling!

I just have to say, I really do love homeschooling. Yes, there are moments where it drives me crazy! And this year has been rough since we didn't have curriculum and we traveled and moved. But I still love it. Why? Because I get to really bond with my babies! I hate the thought of sending them off. I know of several wonderful public school teachers, but there really is no place like home! I also love getting to see the light bulb moments! And watch their improvement! This week should be easier because I re-did everything. I re-did my record keeping way. Instead of a M-F fill in the box type, I have a blank sheet with their name on it that I will use to record what all they do in a week. I also planned our lessons differently- making additional plans for independent work. This allows for school to be done without me! With those two things in play, Faith and AJ have almost done all their independent work TODAY! Before the school week officially starts! This could be a good thing!

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