Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Maker's Diet

WAAAAAY BACK WHEN (like before my youngest, who is now 3, was born) we did The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin. Well, today is probably the first time that I have made it to day 4 with no problems! Yep, we started it again. The hubby and I are finishing day 4 and are feeling great! The scale is responding nicely! The headaches from the detox are gone! The energy levels are rising! Yep, it's a good thing!!! I really did feel the best when we were actively living a Maker's Diet lifestyle so I am quite eager to get back to it!!! We've been playing around with the Wii- the Wii Fit and Just Dance specifically- they ROCK when it comes to moving and shaking!!! Believe it or not, but you REALLY do feel the burn! It's great! I major perk to living in the small town is lack of temptations- when you don't have a McDonalds or Sonic right around the corner you can stick to something easier!!!

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