Wednesday, January 26, 2011

*my* Kefir post

All good keifiring people should write their own kefir post... and because I like saying the word kefir, and I like drinking kefir, I thought I should write about kefir! Well, mostly I am going to share pictures about kefir...

So... what is kefir? Well, instead of writing my own stuff (which I learned from reading other websites), I'm simply going to share with you a website for YOU to read.. You can also Google kefir! So... What is Kefir?

Now that you know about kefir, let me share with you MY experience!

First I get my stuff out... I have a clean glass jar, a strainer, and the kefir!

As I'm straining I keep looking for my kefir grains. The liquid part that resembles yogurt is strained into the clean glass jar. That is the actual kefir. We use that for smoothies or in place of buttermilk. Last night we made biscuits and used kefir. The grains are what is needed to keep the cycle going.

You put the grains into a new jar and add milk! I'm told you can use any milk- goat, soy, whatever. I'd love to use raw milk, but for now organic is what we have.

I put the kefir grains and milk into the cabinet where it does the kefir-ing, or fermenting. About 24 hours later it's ready to be used! This is when it goes from super runny milk to thicker, yogurt like kefir. When we get ready to use it in our smoothie we get all the ingredients out! You can play around with different flavors, some people even drink it plain! You can even add vanilla and spices. We like blueberry-banana smoothies. We add just a touch of stevia for sweetness.

Then you blend!!!

Ta da! A kefir smoothie!

And this is what drinking kefir does to you!!!

Ok, ok... so maybe it isn't PROVEN to make you happy... but still!


Amie said...

Thanks for sharing. I am still working on the homemade day I'll venture to kefir.
Amie-From the HHH

Canada said...

Seller talks about growing kefir is like art, but the kefir that i got from him was flat. After readind on "DOM'S KEFIR" site i believe the grain was squeezed by the "Seller" ouch !


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