Thursday, January 27, 2011

We quit!

Yesterday was a bad, bad day of school... I think the kids and I were both equally frustrated with school. The way we're learning. The topics. You name it. It's been hard not having a set curriculum. I am SO looking forward to getting our tax money back and buying curriculum for next year!

Anyway... We did get a little "sit down" learning in this week. I found lots of math computer games for them to play, Mistic had her first sewing lesson and she baked healthy (sugar free) blueberry muffins, and we learned about New York and Delaware. But that was it.

I've spent yesterday and today planning something new, lapbooks! It's a neat way to showcase what you're learning. I'll post about it next week. We're making an addition one and a multiplication one. We're also going to start reading a Little House on the Prairie book. We might lapbook that as well.

Maybe we have cabin fever? Or maybe we're just bored? I know AJ finds all the stuff I give her too easy, but I haven't found the right stuff to "teach" her something new. Have I mentioned how much I look forward to actually having ALL my resources at hand?

*sigh* How I wish we had a better library... or more money to just buy tons and tons of books! LOL Doesn't help that hubby and I decided to do a financial spending fast for the month of February... It's another post really, but basically nothing but food and bills will be bought. Oh well... I think the lapbooks will be fun!

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