Friday, January 7, 2011


We survived! That's all I really wanted... Survival is sometimes the most necessary thing. I'm sure next week will be better- academically AND scheduling! That's the only thing on my "to do" list for tomorrow.

We didn't cover a lot of information this week, but the kids learned how to tell time (AJ can tell time to the hour and half hour, Faith can tell time to the five, and Mistic can "pretty much" tell time to the minute). We also learned how to tell the temperature. That wasn't completely understood so we will continue that next week. It was a good week for me- the teacher- because I was really able to assess the kids and see exactly what they need more help with. It will help a lot with my planning tomorrow.

We did our monthly grocery shopping on Wednesday. That was an ALL day event, but hey! I'm stocked! Bring on winter! There really wasn't any "schooling" then, but the kids saw parts of the country (it's a 2 hour drive one way) that was different and saw tons of wildlife. That's gotta count for something, right?

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Debra said...

Sounds like you did good overall teaching them to tell time is a big accomplishment. Getting back in the groove after you been off of "scheduled school" for two months is hard.


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