Monday, February 14, 2011

Healthy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day brings to mind chocolate, candy, sparkling grape juice, and maybe even a steak dinner! Needless to say, there is a LOT of sugar (and other junk) in a lot of the "standard" Valentine day fare. Since I had to avoid all refined sugar I had to brainstorm and research ways to make Valentine's Day different than most days, but without all the badness! So, what did I come up with?

We started the morning off with some yummy muffins! Valentine's Day muffins. We did not put food coloring in them, nor did we add the extra goody (chocolate or jam), and I substituted honey for sugar! Thus making them "better"! I used non-bleached white flour as well!

For lunch we enjoyed heart shaped pancakes. I came across this blog/recipe when I was searching for recipes to use with my kefir! She's right, you can't taste the kefir, but OH MY GOODNESS! They are light and fluffy and wonderful taste! I made some homemade blueberry syrup (agave nectar and blueberries simmered on the stove).

So how do you top all of that for dinner? Simple! Pizza! I had thought about doing heart-shaped pizza, but that didn't really work out, instead the kids had a great time forming their own individual pizza crusts and adding topping!

Well, what about dessert?
Agave Sweetened Chocolate Chip Cookies: These tasted wonderful! We used grain-sweetened chocolate chips. (See? Successfully avoiding refined sugars! Woot!) I once again used unbleached white flour too!

Jello: Instead of store-bought jello that has sugar (or if you do sugar free, aspartame) and artificial dyes and flavors, we bought plain gelatin and made it from "scratch". We used 100% juice- cherry flavored Juicy Juice. They made our jello a nice darkish red color, but it was all natural flavors and NO bad dyes! The kids gobbled it up!

The point is, you can have a healthy Valentine's Day, even if you are avoiding refined sugars. You just have to make it happen!


esther said...

I'm so impressed! I'm in the barest beginnings of contemplating going sugar-free, so it's nice to see someone doing it!

Stopping by on the Hip Homeschool Hop from Homeschool Science

Grateful for Grace said...

Such great yumminess! Except, I've been hearing a lot about agave not being good for us now. Worse than HFCS! Yikes.

Your kiddos are darling.

Stopping by from the HHH!

musicalmary said...

Wow - I admire you taking the sugar out. Good for you mom. I'm stopping from the HHH. I am now following you!


signingcharity said...

Thanks for linking up to my Try Something New Thursday. You tried lots new and had great results. I will be trying your jello recipe! Thanks for the fantastic ideas!


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