Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heart Unit Study, Days 3 & 4

This has definitely been a fun unit study. We've had a great time learning about our heart! And celebrating LOVE!

We read some Valentine Day poetry and then practiced writing our own poems.

We kept working on math:

We've been reading through this book! It was PERFECT for our study!

With our study on the heart, we discussed how important a smoke-free life is and how vital exercise is!

Circulatory system
More educational games & videos on Circulatory System at  

We wrote letters to friends and family. We continued our study on words ending in the -ay sound and the -oo sounds! We wrote those words, we traced our names (Mistic's was in cursive), and really focused on the health of our heart!

Because of our efforts, we were able to finish our lessons today resulting in a FOUR DAY weekend!

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Amy said...

Looks like a fun study!

Amy @ Missional Mama


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