Sunday, February 27, 2011

How much do you spend on groceries?

There are six people in our family. We seem to have a grocery bill between $800-$900 a month in groceries. When you break that down, it doesn't seem too bad. Couple hundred- give or take- a week. We all know the organic or natural foods can cost more... fruits and veggies are more pricey than a bag of chips! I've been thinking a lot lately about our finances. Being good stewards of what God has given us. Since I'm in charge of the homemaking end- which includes grocery shopping and cooking- I've decided to see what I can do! I'm attempting (and my husband laughs at me) to get my grocery bill down to about $500 a month... Ultimately saving us $300-$400! Impossible? Maybe! We'll see! I'm cutting out a lot of the non-necessities, keeping plenty of fruits and veggies, and not going overboard on milk and juice (our biggest offenders)! I'm not cutting it down so tight that we aren't able to eat a well balanced healthy diet, but I am cutting it down to where we think about what and why we eat. I'm hoping to eliminate a lot of the foods that get thrown away too- my kids are real bad about that- it drives me crazy! So we'll see... I guess this is my March challenge!

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Courtney Bowers said...

I definitely agree, I just started going through the budget and made an excel spreadsheet of all of our spending from online banking and put into was shocking to find what we were spending our $ on! Meal planning is in my near future!!


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