Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life Lately

It's been a while since I've updated, it's been crazy around here! Even our healthier eating has gotten crazy! Let's hope EVERYTHING settles down quickly!!!

Monday was President's Day and we didn't let the day slip by without learning about some of our past presidents! The Presidents was a GREAT resource for us!

On Tuesday we celebrated a very late 100th day of school! We concentrated on the number 100, while celebrating AJ's 100th day! We answered questions like "I think it would be neat to have 100 _________________" and "I wouldn't want 100 _________"

AJ and Faith took turns writing numbers 1-100 with different color markers!

And Mistic worked on math facts that equaled 100! She's got a CrAzY look because she kept closing her eyes when I'd snap the picture!

Every 100th day the student gets to decorate a t-shirt with 100 fingerprints! We started this when Mistic was in public school and needed something that had 100 things! Continued it for Faith, and now the tradition has been passed on to AJ!

We ditched the textbooks one day to have some real life lessons- like grocery shopping! We've been reading a lot of books and playing Monopoly JR (good for math). We got hit with more winter weather today so we've been having relaxed study days! Mistic had a lesson in fractions and division tonight when she REQUESTED to learn it! I've heard about families that do unschooling/relaxed schooling, allowing the kids to lead them in what they learn and when they learn. I was always worried about my kids learning- feeling if I didn't sit and teach they wouldn't learn. I'm seeing that isn't true as the more relaxed open days we have, the more the kids come up and ASK how to learn something!

Next week we start a Laura Ingalls study!

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