Sunday, February 6, 2011

One week down

The sugar thing has had it's ups and downs. Some things have been harder than anticipated and others not so much. The HARDEST thing is that there is refined sugar in SO many foods! A good thing that has came from that has been all the ingredient reading I've been doing. I'm seeing more and more "bad" foods that I once thought was good. Example: Wheat Thins. You *think* they are good for you, or at the least better for you, but they have high fructose corn syrup! I stopped reading after that!

After discovering that there was added sugar in both hotdogs and sausages I was happy to discover SOME products that don't contain them!

The sausages were very tasty! Full of flavor! I found them at Safeway! Made my day!

I feel good, without all the sugar. I'm learning a lot about what's in our foods. I've been able to find foods that fill me up and healthier alternatives. Our Superbowl foods are HEALTHY alternatives to the soda and Velvetta that's in many superbowl parties! I made a healthy 5 layer bean dip that we did from scratch. The beans were dried, soaked, cooked, and smushed. The avocado just had lime juice added. The tomatoes were bought whole (fresh) and diced. It looks so beautiful!

Mexican 5-Layer Dip

I'm eating baked chicken strips instead of sugary wings. The corn tortilla chips are made with basic ingredients! I'm not even straying from the Maker's Diet phase 2!

So, one week down, three more to go! I can TOTALLY do this!

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