Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sugar Free

Ok, so this is day 3 of no refined sugars. So far it hasn't been bad. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we have done/are doing The Maker's Diet. So it isn't quite so extreme. I haven't had soda since the first of the year... and I don't even miss it. Not even when my hubby is sitting there with the Mountain Dew. What I AM finding hard is that sugar is in EVERYTHING! Tonight's dinner is turkey sausages! I absolutely love them, but after reading the ingredients (go me!) I found out that there is sugar AND corn syrup. What a bummer!!! Doing this has really opened my eyes! My husband thinks I'm nuts... but as always, he's supportive. As long as its me and not him! Thank goodness for leftovers... I can at least enjoy a yummy dinner of roast, carrots, and sweet potatoes while my family consumes the wonderful sugar-laced sausages.

I feel good though. I know I'm doing something good here and I believe it will only make me a better mother and wife. My son loves hotdogs, but the ones we normally buy have added sugar. Based upon their website, Hebrew National hotdogs do not contain added sugar! SCORE! (Interestingly, this also helps convince me what hotdogs to buy- based upon the whole nitrate/nitrate-free debate).

I'm kinda stuck right now. I should have thought about this before embarking mid-menus. It would have probably been better to do this 30 day no sugar thing when I could sit down, plan my menus, and then grocery shop accordingly. But I'll make do. I've looked at my remaining menus and some of them I can tweak, some I can't have anyway I look at it (like the sausages), and some I'm going to have to see what recipes I can find to make something from home (like alfredo sauce

The homemade yogurt was a success too! At least with the oldest! Totally happy to have her come to me and ask for it! She starts her mornings off right- homemade (sweetened gently with fruit and a teeny amount of Stevia) yogurt and a kefir smoothie! The next big step is to find either an alternative to the sugar-laden ketchup OR another thing for my kids to smother their foods in!

Stay tuned for the next 26 days!

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