Friday, March 25, 2011


We are taking a break from formal, sit down, textbook learning. This break is indefinite, but will at least end when we start our new school year in September. This break is a necessity for us! Notice that I didn't say that we are taking a break from learning. Just wanted to be clear. We will still dive into books, go for walks, visit (formally) Mt. Rushmore, and answer any questions that come up! Just the other day Mistic was asking about Roman Numerals. Not too long ago she asked about multiplication and division. There will be plenty of learning and growth going on! Eventually *sigh* the weather will warm up enough we can plant a garden, there are all sorts of wild animals we see here, and there is "real life" learning that goes on- making laundry detergent, baking, or grocery shopping. But... I need a break. This school year has been rough- I've said that before- and there are lots of adjustments still going on. We are adjusting to the weather up here (it is STILL cold!), we are adjusting to a smaller town, we are adjusting to daddy being home more (which really isn't a bad thing, it's just an adjustment).

I feel that we need to find a morning routine that works for everyone involved even if we have differences. I am not a morning person, I enjoy taking mornings a little slower and by noon all the morning chores are done. Nick is a morning person, he enjoys getting up, getting dressed, and getting done! I am thankful that he is home more and we have already talked about the following school year. He'll more than likely teach a subject while I work with Isaiah, and then he and Isaiah will go run errands while the girls and I continue to work. But that's September!

We were ending in May anyway- so we don't lack much. But I think a more relaxed, go with the flow, learning is what is needed. There are so many resources that don't require planning and printing that we can take advantage of! So we're going to!

I know that when we start the 2011-2012 school year things will be a lot better! We will have had almost a year to adjust, we actually have a curriculum (already purchased!!!), and we will all feel refreshed and ready to tackle it! My kids are young and I look forward to seeing how their natural thought patterns work, I wonder what questions they will ask!

Because of this "break" the blogging might become less frequent. I'm sure once summer hits there will be plenty of opportunities to update, but for now... I'll see you next time!

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