Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life Lately

We started this week a bit rough, but these are some of the things we did!

The younger girls played Starfall a lot this week! It's been great! Highly recommended for anyone who is learning or struggling to read!

Winter hit- again. Seriously??? I'm from the South and in the South it's spring already! Forget what the calendar says... it's nice, warm, lovely... We got about a foot of snow in some places. Where's spring?!

Math time with dry erase markers!

Some other fun computer time using Learning Games For Kids . Math, Science, typing skills!

We used dominoes during math time too. We did multiplication, addition, and subtraction. You know you have a hit when your kids LOVE it! I'm going to have to remember this one for future times!

We also played Monopoly, Jr. Silly mom kept giving the wrong amounts and needed change back!
The winner!!!

Later today we plan on making yogurt and granola. I have a sour dough starter in the beginning stages. Mistic made our laundry detergent (with just a little help) earlier in the month. Lots of things going on to do and learn.

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