Friday, March 18, 2011

Natural living?

I must admit, we've gotten off track again. I'm convinced that natural living is a daily, step by step living. You will be great, you will be horrible. The question is, do you keep at it? Is it a daily effort? Despite your wins or fails.

We've done pretty good about keeping drinks except for milk, water, and tea out of the house. We've ate out a bit more because we've been out shopping (tax refund! WOOHOO!), but that will dwindle back down. Our sugar consumption has been higher, but that goes back to what I was saying- a continual effort. I'm TRYING!

One of our shopping purchases was a treadmill. That has been awesome! I no longer rely on the weather to dictate if I can or cannot walk. Here in Nebraska it's been too windy, too cold, or too wet (snow). I've taken advantage of the treadmill and it's flexibility. I can hop on for half a mile or a whole mile. I can hop on once or twice a day. I know when I'm exercising, eating right falls naturally into place. And now I can get into a routine and not have it messed up because of snow or ice!

School has been progressing. I'm still tickled over Faith's understanding of addition! After all this time too! We're embarking on a math boot camp for next week! I've pretty much wrote down a goal list and we'll see what we walk away knowing. I'm thinking about doing some "boot camp" exercises too- sit ups as we count, jumping jacks as we add, maybe the weather will be nice and we can head outside for some ball bouncing or walking!

Speaking of school, we have two weeks until spring break! We are taking it the first week of April! I'm SO looking forward to that! When we come back from spring break we will have 6 weeks left until we are out for the SUMMER! One week will be a Mt. Rushmore unit study- which will take us to Mt. Rushmore! Nothing like a road trip for school! I have a Nebraska unit study and a Spring unit study planned for those weeks as well. Towards the end of the school year we will be spending more time reading and less time doing "book work". It's so nice to see the end in sight.

I'm being smart this year, I will not do another year of no curriculum. That was TOO much for me! I've ordered all but a few books and those I've got my eyes out on Ebay for! All the student texts have been ordered and will be shipped in a couple of days! I'm really looking forward to a better school year next year. We'll have an actual school room, with a school table, with shelves for all our books and craft supplies! The lessons are pre-planned (thank you Abeka).

It won't be long before spring will really be here! I've got to start thinking about my garden so I can let Nick know what I need. It will be so nice to have fresh veggies this summer and then to can them for the fall! Another shopping purchase was a gun for Nick- so he can start bringing in fresh meat! Those two things will go a long ways into our natural living life!

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