Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Way to go, Faith!

I am so proud of Faith! She is the student that has to work harder than her sisters and sometimes it seems like we aren't getting anywhere! I am beginning to suspect that she might have dyslexia, and she has vision and speech problems. Compared to Mistic and Aspen, she definitely has it rough. School comes easy to Mistic and Aspen. The biggest thing with them is pushing them to go to the next level. But Faith, it's been a struggle since day 1. At the end of the last school year, her public school teacher and I were fighting to get her to pass kindergarten- and she did- barely. That's one reason I am glad we are homeschooling. I don't want to push a child through a grade- just to have them move on. I don't want to keep a child back because they struggle in one or two subjects. I don't know if it's every district or just the one we were in, but I was told that they could only hold a child back every two years. Rather they "got it" or not. Sad.

So... since starting homeschooling again, I have done the best I could to give each child an individualized education. My goal is to produce well educated, respectful adults. My philosophy is who cares if they can't read well until they are 10 (instead of 7) or can't do math until much later than their "peers". I have until they are 18 to have them "up to date". I am not going to push them beyond what they are ready to do!

This weekend Faith has really started to blossom! We've done a lot of shopping and out of the blue she pointed to a sign and said "Mom! That's five dollars!" She read $5 CORRECTLY! This is HUGE!!! Then today, during math time, she added two double-digit numbers together QUICKLY and ACCURATELY! And her number 5 actually looks RIGHT! (and not like a S) Since we did the two double-digit numbers so quickly I took her to the next level- two double-digit numbers that involved carrying! GUESS WHAT?! SHE GOT IT! I am so impressed!

I must be doing something right. It must be okay to let a child learn at their pace, allowing them to really get something, instead of just pushing them through it.

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