Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ponderings from a transplanted city girl

I like my life here. Really, I do. There's a certain appeal to living the small town life. You feel more bonded with people around you. You aren't bothered by petty busyness. Pretty sure things like pollution, thefts, and the like aren't as big here either. But... I do wonder how one lives in a small town. I imagine one day I'll have more answers, but right now I don't. I've only lived in one for about 5 months. And when I say small town I'm not talking about a small town 5 minutes away from a bigger town. Remember? My nearest Pizza Hut is 15 minutes away, and McDonalds is about double that. There is no Sonic, Target, or Starbucks. How do you switch from having TWO Supercenters that stocked MANY MANY things, Target, Catos, and a wide variety of eateries to something that calls themselves a Supercenter, but has one set of doors (vs. the two most other Walmarts have) and NEVER have anything you are looking for? How do you handle that your favorite store- Catos- is no where NEAR you! And they don't sale things online. I got a little frustrated today when I couldn't find several items at my Walmart. No puppy food. Not the exact type of little boy underwear. Not many options for anything on my list. I mean, c'mon! How does one live like this? What's the secret? I guess I'm just a little spoiled to my normal city living. I like being able to go to stores and find what I need, or at least know where I can find them. Each week I go to the store and I become frustrated at what all I can't find! I'm just thinking that we need to add a Sonic to our town, add another clothing store option (like Catos!), and make sure the Walmart is better stocked!

Meanwhile, I'll keep relying on God to get me through these slumps... And maybe I should shorten my list. And maybe my expectations.

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