Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 1 has been a success! I've stayed consistent with my treadmill walking. Since Monday I've walked 5 miles. It's a start. Plus I've added strength training, thanks to B. I even bought a resistance band to aid with that. I've tracked my calories and water. This has definitely been a good week. Nothing like slow life changes to make you feel good about stuff.

The weather has been nice too. No more snow! YAY!!! Today feels really good and tomorrow is suppose to be better. The hubby will be grilling for the FIRST time since moving. I'm not sure who's more exited, me or him? Grilling is a big thing for us- to me, it symbolizes warmth and brings happy memories of the kids running around while he cooks. For him, I think it's just a man thing. LOL

I'm testing out a new use for tea tree oil. One of my daughters have a few warts and so, naturally, I did a search for natural treatments. I came up with a few- one being duct tape, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil. One of the things I love, love, LOVE about tea tree oil is that it is an antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal! It's EVERYTHING! We just started using it so I'll try to remember to update about it. Just another way to be natural around here.

Since we recently purchased a dishwasher I've been searching for natural, homemade dishwashing detergents. Most everything I saw used Borax- and the reviews were mixed. I agreed with the ones who didn't like using the Borax around their food and plates. So I nixed that. SO far I haven't found a recipe to make, but if you know of one, please share! The good news is, there is a health food co-op that sales that kind of thing. I'm so thankful that I can still find healthier alternatives to the harsh chemicals of the standard items. I am living a great alternative life- using homemade laundry detergent, homemade natural cleaning supplies, and natural dishwashing detergents. I'm slowly making cloth napkins- though I keep holding out for a sewing machine. I'm not sure if one is in my future so I might need to just go ahead and painstakingly sew my own. We've replaced our paper towels with regular kitchen towels. I have one set for cleaning up spills, and one set for drying hands. It's good. It makes you feel good too! Anything to improve your health.

Monday kicks off 5 days of being "unplugged". No TV- no Netflix. I guess maybe it's only a partial unplug then- since computers, DS, Wii, and leapsters are allowed. We also cut back our cable to just the bare basics (local channels only). It will be nice not to have tv shows control our lives. Sometimes it's too big of a hurry to get things done JUST so we can watch TV. I'm looking forward to not having ANY of those ties next week. I think it will bring us closer together as a family and I REALLY look forward to all the alternatives- game playing, reading, etc...

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