Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2011/2012 School Year

Yikes! School isn't quite over here and I'm already planning next year! Guess that's just life though! I got all my paper work from the state the other day. I have to submit our curriculum and monthly hours (as well as some other information) to acquire the exempt home school status. It's pretty much all filled out. It allowed me to sit down and actually plan out our calendar. I can't tell you how excited I am over having actual curriculum to follow this year! I know how many lessons I need to do, and I now know what days I have to do those in! Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Spring break! It's ALL there!

So... what does the '11/'12 school year look like? Well, for one thing, it's all A Beka! Again, you have NO idea how exciting this is for me! This last school year, where I had to come up with everything from scratch, was just too much for me! There were times I lost my motivation. There were times when I was clueless as to what the next level/step was. Now, most of the guessing is gone! I have the complete 1st-3rd grade curriculum. When we accomplish all the 3rd grade skills, I'll just order the 4th grade curriculum! If it's just in reading, we'll go ahead in the reading area. If we struggle in the math area, we'll just sit tight until we master it. So nice to have something to follow!

There's also something special about choosing A Beka. I wavered back and forth between a couple curriculums. I looked at My Father's World and Heart of Dakota. I wanted something that incorporated God and our beliefs into the educational part. These curricula offered me that, but it still wasn't exactly what I was wanting. Part of me didn't want to use A Beka because that's what I did growing up. I wanted to be different, so I kept looking. I googled, I searched, I questioned, I looked. And I kept coming back to A Beka. I figured God was being pretty direct, laying on my heart the curriculum that I needed to purchase. So... I did! And what a relief! I have two or three very minor items to still buy before the start of the school year, but I'm not worried. We don't start until September 6th. Plenty of time!

I chose A Beka because they incorporate God into their every day lesson. Our Science text is labeled: Exploring God's World. Awesome, right? I chose A Beka because I liked how the worksheets looked. Bright, colorful. Their textbooks for health, Science, History are grade level, colorful. Mainly, I chose it because it fit!

Another awesome thing about the upcoming school year is our new school room! We're turning half our basement into our classroom! We already have the table- just need chairs. I'm really looking forward to hanging all our posters and wall charts on a different wall than our dining room! It'll be nice to have a designated area for our work and projects.

Lots of exciting changes- hard to believe that I'll have a preschooler, 1st grader, 2nd grader, and 3rd grader!

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