Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nebraska Happenings

Spring has finally arrived here in the mid-west! Mother's Day weekend was absolutely splendid! We put on swimsuits and played around in the water hose.

We're talking 80+ degrees. The difference between 80+ degrees here and 80+ degrees in Arkansas is the humidity. It definitely feels MUCH nicer here!

Wish the weather would have stayed warm, but the next couple of days we're in the 40's/50's. In mid-May! It's absolutely insane! But at least there isn't any snow!!!

We officially end all school activities on Friday! From there until September 6th we will be on summer break! YES!!! The local public school gets out on Tuesday, so I'm sure we'll have lots of time to hang out with friends. We can't wait to go to the park and meet new people.

I still haven't planted my garden, but there are a lot of people who are just now getting their garden planted. Not sure if I will have a garden after all, but I have a patio tomato plant that is starting to bloom.

We had a nice April- celebrated Mistic turning 8 and Faith turning 7. Of course, Easter was lovely as well. We had a good turn-out for the community Easter egg hunt. Here's a picture of my family at Easter!

So, spring is here and we are loving it! We are also really looking forward to summer! It's jam packed with AWESOMENESS! We kick it off by having a Family Crusade with Ken & Barbara Sibley, gospel illusionist and ventriloquist in June. July has us traveling to Wyoming to visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton. One week later we have Vacation Bible School! Then just a little more than a week after that, we are going back to Arkansas for a visit! WOOHOO!!! Yep, lots to look forward to!

Just some Nebraska happenings!

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