Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who Am I?

Who Am I?
Christ serving
Sinner, saved by GRACE
Wanna be green and natural living
Mommy of 4
Wife to 1

One thing I've realized is that life is a journey and there's always room for improvements. I've came a long ways... I started out with disposable diapers, did some cloth, and then had disposable with my last child. I only breastfed my youngest. We choose not to vaccinate now, though we did some with my older ones. We still eat out entirely WAY too much and we still drink and eat WAY TOO MUCH junk. Slowly I'm becoming natural... But it isn't without bumps in the road. I'm really looking forward to coming back from our trip so I can get BACK to a more natural lifestyle. Summer was just WAY too busy for much... I look forward to making wiser choices with our food, baking things from scratch, and finding new things to try! I know as long as I follow God, He's going to make me who HE wants me to be!

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