Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why I Homeschool, Reasons 1-3

The Back to School sales are in full swing and moms everywhere are getting excited! Regardless of what school your child attends, school time is an exciting time for parents. Home educators are no exception. I get giddy just walking down the school aisle. I absolutely love the pencils, new boxes of crayons, and good sales that are happening. I've noticed something amongst a lot of homeschooling blogs; there seems to be a lot of 'why I homeschool' posts. Here are a few reasons why I homeschool, in no particular order.

1. Individualized Attention: I have four children and all four children have different likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. My oldest attended public school for the last semester of Kindergarten and all of 1st grade, and my second oldest attended public school for all of Kindergarten. We had AWESOME teachers! These teachers worked hard at juggling their classroom and we loved our time with them. But let's be honest, one teacher versus 20-25 children does make it a little more challenging to cater to each need. I saw this while we were part of the public school system. My oldest was always in the middle- never needing the 'advanced' lesson but not struggling either. The issue is that children need to be pushed. Not pushed in a mean, hard way, but sometimes they just need the encouragement to go on to the harder stuff. My middle daughter is on the opposite end. She struggles with school and would have been one that fell between the cracks if we had stayed in school. Her public school teacher gave her everything she could- Faith had all kinds of help coming in throughout the day. The issue with this is consistency. How can a child really learn to excel if you have a bunch of different helpers coming, with a bunch of different teaching styles? This is one reason why I homeschool, I can give my children the individualized attention they need, without worrying about them falling through the cracks or just "getting by".

2. It's a God thing: I won't tell you that by not homeschooling your child you are going against God's will (because you are the only one that knows what God wants for you and your family) and I won't tell you that your child will be brain washed or fall into all sorts of temptations either (because we know SIN is EVERYWHERE). I will tell you, that for our family, our decision to homeschool is very much a God thing. For me, I struggled with how I could raise the gifts God gave me by sending them away for a good part of the day. For me, I struggled with the fact that I was letting any teacher teach what he/she felt was right. We were blessed when we were in the public school system with good Christian teachers, but that probably wouldn't have always been the case. How could I make sure that our values were being respected and taught if I didn't know the teacher? Christ should be part of your every day walk, including school, and I knew that they wouldn't have that in the public school and there isn't a Christian school nearby. I figured that God gave me the kids and that it was mine (and the hubby's) responsibility to teach them.

3. I was homeschooled: Yep, this is one reason we have chosen to homeschool. I never set foot in public school, I was homeschooled from kindergarten-12th grade and I turned out OKAY! I don't have a problem socializing, in fact, I bet if you had met me on the street you never would have guessed I had been home educated! So, instead of "socialization" being part of my reasoning, I'm listing that instead. Because really, home educators don't really have a problem socializing because they are part of EVERY aspect of the world from an early age. (I've always thought that was a silly 'issue')

I'll continue my list later...

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