Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why I Homeschool, Reasons 4-5

And the list continues

4. Flexibility: This is a big one. I think every homeschooler finds this as a benefit. Grandparents coming for a visit? No problem! We'll just double up before they come. Sickness? No biggie! We can catch up when everyone is well. What about dentist and doctor appointments during the day? No "missed" schooling. One of my personal favorites is being able to take vacations or trips while others are in school. The benefit of being able to view the zoo with less congestion or not have to worry about things being booked for a vacation is grand! There's also the flexibility of going with the flow. If you need to take 3 extra lessons for your child to totally grasp a concept you can, on the other hand, if your child totally gets something there's no need to have three lessons about it- if they totally got it in one! Yep, flexibility! It's a good thing!

5. Rest: I have never understood why we go on and on about how much rest children need, but then NEVER ALLOW THEM TO HAVE IT! When we were part of the public school system, we woke up at 6:30am so that by 7:30am we could be out of the house. We would get back home around 4pm. 8 1/2 hours later! No naps, no quiet times, nothing! Well, at 4pm you aren't going to be laying down for a nap- no, it's homework, dinner, church (or grocery shopping or errands). It'd be 8:30pm before everything got done and easily 9pm or after before they were sleeping! On a good TIGHT day! My kids would get between 8-9 hours of sleep. Recommended Hours for a Kindergartner is 10-12 hours! A 2nd grader? 10-11 hours. A beauty of homeschooling is allowing your child to be well rested. I still incorporate quiet time in my children's schedule, not necessarily a nap time, but a time for them to relax and rest. If they are really tired, then it turns into a nap time, or if we have a late evening (say, revival or VBS).

I asked my husband why we homeschooler. Here are a few of his answers.
We, as the parents, are responsible for teaching our children AND our local schools are in so much financial trouble that they are cutting way too many corners.

I trust my wife more than others.

It's important to freely and truthfully teach ALL angles in education- there are no limitations at home, where as in schools you are restricted.

The Bible can be intertwined throughout the entire day, in all lessons, everywhere!

Have I mentioned I love my husband? So thankful we are on the same page!


The Pennington Point said...

Great points! I love what your husband has to say too...we are on that same page with ya! Lisa~

Proverbial Homemaker said...

Love your list! We feel the same way. It was interesting what you said about your middle-of-the-road child not getting challenged enough in school. Makes sense! We're just starting our homeschool journey, so it's always great to get this kind of encouragement from other families. Thanks!


Krista said...

I love ALL your reasons for homeschooling! Especially the "socialization" one! My sons know how to act around adults because they spend a lot of time around adults. People are amazed by my older sons verbal and people skills. He won't get that from being around other kids all day!


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