Monday, August 22, 2011

Charts and Lists

I am a stay at home, home educating mother of 4. I am a missionary's wife. I am the mission's pianist, the treasurer, the secretary, the Sunday School teacher, and well... the list goes on and on. I need to be organized. One way I have found to maintain organization in all areas is by making lists and charts. I have chore lists, grocery lists, school lists, etc...

Each child has a detailed, daily chore list and it helps my morning run smoothly. It also ensures that the hubby and I don't have to do everything ourselves. It also means that I am doing my job by training, teaching, and correcting them.

I have found that making lists help my Bible study time and aides me as I lead the ladies' of the community. It allows me to write things down that I don't want to forget as well as giving me an outline to follow so we all stay on track.

Lists and charts are fabulous!

Lately, we've had a good problem. Everyone wants to pray at the dinner table. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against everyone praying, but is when the casserole is cooling the best time? We pray every night together- the order varies, but everyone prays together before bed.

In order to make dinner time run smoothly and keep things organized, I made a prayer pie!

Isn't it cool? Next to each name it has the day of the week that they will pray.

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marymakesmusic said...

Love your prayer pie! I may have to steal that idea.

Thanks for linking to Three Thinking Mothers! It's good to have you on the blog roll!


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