Friday, August 26, 2011

Homeschool Journal

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week… It was all about getting things geared up for the start of our school on Monday. There was a room at the mission that needed to be painted, but first had to be primed. There was (and still is) a bookcase that needed major reorganizing. The pantry needed to be straightened. Both our yard and the mission's yard needed to be mowed. I was in the process of revamping a lot of things! All so that next week can be smooth and calm. Or at the very least, not have much to do other than start the school year!

I am inspired by… Here lately, other bloggers. 100 Days of Real Food, Courntey at Women Living Well, and Anita at Busy Hands, Busy Minds. These ladies- fellow moms- are awesome! If you don't already, go visit their sites! They give you a lot to think about and even ideas to try!

My favorite thing this week was… Morning snuggle time with my 3 1/2 year old. Why was it my favorite thing? Because the last two mornings he has really wanted to snuggle after waking. And any mom of a 3 year old boy knows how rare these moments are!

What’s working/not working for us… Hmmm.... Working? Being a family that stays home. Hubby is a missionary so he sets his own schedule, and of course, we homeschool. I've noticed that lately (over the summer) we've started to actually get along with each other. We've started enjoying spending time with each other. We're actually starting to think about others, and not just ourselves! What's not working? Grocery shopping! I KNOW, I KNOW! But you don't understand! We live in a rural town- so our town grocery store has seriously high prices- I mean, outrageous! The town that has the Walmart and grocery store is a good 35-40 minute drive and their selection leaves a lot to be desired. Next to nothing organic or prices seriously high for the product. The meat selection is horrid- unless you happen to be lucky one time. The fruit selection- next to nothing organic and PRICEY- has nothing that even looks good. SO yeah, grocery shopping isn't working for us. Now to figure out how to change that!

Things I’m working on… My Proverbs 31 ladies' Bible study- our community study starts in a couple of weeks. Just me, the Bible, and God.

I’m grateful for… God's provisions! Never ending! Can I get an AMEN?

I’m praying for… the ministries that our mission will be starting in a couple of weeks. Sunday School, Wednesday night youth service, Tuesday nights Bible studies (men and women alternate weeks).


flmom said...

I feel for you on the organics. We had a nationwide natural foods market here until a few years ago, and I miss it terribly. We now have a couple of local natural foods markets (both overpriced) and Publix carries a bit of organic produce, but it's very hit or miss and often the quality is poor. Have you checked the Local Harvest website for local farms that are certified organic or certified naturally grown?

Martha said...

Oh I so totally understand the grocery shopping . It is hard to get anything reasonable priced and of a decent quality.

Enjoy cuddling with your son, my son likes to cuddle too, always has. He is now 7 so hopefully you have a few more years yet!


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