Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Menu Plan: August 18th-25th

Wednesday or Thursdays use to be my grocery shopping day, but with school starting we will start shopping on Fridays (starting next week). We would usually hit McDonalds or Taco Johns for dinner on our grocery shopping days, especially since the town was 40 minutes away from home. However, the hubby and I have gotten tired of that weekly "treat". Plus, it isn't healthy and we are trying to get back into a healthy way of living. So, we've cut out the eating out for a while and will add it back as a true occasional treat later.

Thursday: Lunchables and TV Dinners- the kids love Lunchables and I decided that we'd buy them for dinner, this time. I had TV Dinners in the freezer for the hubby and I. I figured now would be a good time to use them so I can get away from pre-processed foods.

Friday: Meatloaf, green beans, corn, and maybe brown rice

Saturday: Hubby's cooking dinner- grilling

Sunday Lunch: Sandwiches
Sunday Dinner: Nachos

Monday: Meatless- Pinto beans and cornbread

Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner- Pancakes and Omelets

Wednesday: Crockpot- Roast, Sweet potatoes, and carrots

Thursday- Stirfry

Now, a couple things I've mentioned in a previous post is assigning certain days for certain foods. This will definitely be coming in handy in a few weeks when Bible studies, Wednesday night church, and girl scouts start back. By planning my meals using this format, it also prevents the typical Sunday slump to hit. Sundays are SO crazy and tiring- ministry is hard work- but if I purposefully write something down for both lunch and dinner I won't have an excuse to drive 15 minutes to get Pizza Hut. PLUS, anything homemade is better and healthier.

To make things as healthy as possible, we use whole grain breads, rice, etc... We actually read the ingredients to make sure that it isn't "enriched", too. We'll use turkey bacon for our omelets.

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