Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Menu Plan: August 26th-September 1st

One way I keep my house running smoothly is by making lists and one list I always make is for our dinner menus. This week, however, I added breakfast and lunches to my list. We start school on Monday and will be eating breakfast together as a family, we'll be doing Bible time during this time as well. Breakfast has the potential of being a crazy time if we aren't careful. Four kids eating four different items at four different times! By planning out my lunches, it eliminates the guess work after a morning of school! Plus, it allows me to stay in control in case the morning gets hectic!

*Fridays are my grocery shopping day, so dinner will be whatever we pick up at the store. It could be lunchables for the kids, hot pockets, or ingredients for alfredo. The possibilities are endless!*

Breakfast: Donuts (haha! I know, not healthy, but the youngest has specifically requested it and it's been a while)
Lunch: Fruit- a wide variety, it will depend on what I find at the store
Dinner: Homemade chicken nuggets for the kids, baked chicken breast for the grown-ups, veggies

Breakfast: Cold cereal
Lunch: Turkey wraps and raw veggies
Dinner: Red beans-n-rice

Breakfast: Homemade Cinnamon Rolls (1st Day of School Celebration!)
Lunch: Popcorn and fruit
Dinner: Grilled cheese sandwiches and raw veggies (Meatless Mondays)

Breakfast: Yogurt
Tuesday: Sandwiches and raw veggies
Dinner: Eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits (Breakfast for Dinner Tuesdays)

Breakfast: Fruit
Lunch: Popcorn, sunflower seeds, raw veggies
Dinner: Roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, and carrots (Crockpot Wednesdays)

Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: Chicken and raw veggies
Dinner: Spaghetti and side salad

A couple of notes: For easy meal planning I assign certain types of foods on certain days. Sunday lunches are sandwiches (or for this week, wraps). Mondays are meatless. Tuesdays we have breakfast for dinner and Wednesdays I use the crockpot. By doing this it allows for easy Tuesdays since we either have Bible study or girl scouts- or on some weeks BOTH! Church is on Wednesdays so I don't have to stress out over what to fix or when to fix it or when to eat! It's just there and ready for whenever. We live in a small rural town with not many options for Sunday lunch out, so it prevents us from always ordering pizza.

A few ways we make things healthier:
Bacon is turkey, not pork.
Whole wheat wraps are used instead of white. I read the ingredients searching for ones that aren't "enriched", too.
Homemade bread for sandwiches.
Oatmeal is daddy-made. He uses the rolled oats, a little brown sugar, and a little homemade maple syrup.
Spaghetti is whole wheat.
Biscuits are from scratch.

Homemade chicken nuggets
Cut chicken breasts up into nugget sizes. Crush up a bunch of corn flakes in a bowl. This is an excellent job for your little kitchen helper! Melt some butter. Dip the raw nuggets in the butter and then in the crushed corn flakes. Place on baking sheet and bake in 350 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes or until done. My kids LOVE this! And it's WAY healthier than any McDonalds!

Special thanks to Anita at Busy Hands, Busy Minds for the inspiration for menu planning! She rocks!

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Mrs Adept said...

I think that I'd like to try the chicken nuggets your way, one day. Good idea. :o)


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