Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Menu Plan: September 2nd-September 8th

Friday *Nick’s 31st birthday*
B: Yogurt, Smoothies, Fruit
L: *McDonalds- around lunchtime*

Saturday *Town's Fun Days*
B: donuts
D: Tacos/Taco Salad- *meat leftover for taco chips*

B: cold cereal
L: Pitas & Veggies
D: Spaghetti and Side Salad

B: Granola & Yogurt
L: Popcorn and Fruit
D: Black bean and corn quesadillas

Tuesday *Men’s Bible Study*
B: Oatmeal
L: Taco Chips (what my 3 year old calls nachos!)
D: Breakfast casserole

Wednesday *Youth of Hope*
B: Fruit
L: Sandwiches and veggies/fruit
D: Hamburgers – Chips – Veggies (church)

B: Granola & Yogurt
L: Leftovers, Fruit, Veggies
D: Pinto beans & cornbread

Baking list
French bread
Blueberry Muffins - Church brunch on Sunday!
Pretzels (just because)

*Notes* You'll see McDonalds for lunch on Friday. Mistic has been asking for a Rolo McFlurry for TWO weeks! So in order to compromise, we told her she could have one after the first week of school. So... McDonalds it is! Sometimes you just need to compromise! Friday dinner has been left blank because the hubby can't tell me what he wants for his b'day dinner! We'll be playing that by ear. Saturday's lunch has been left blank because our town is having their "fun days". It'll be the first time we will experience it- since we just moved here in December. Anyway, I'm not sure what- if anything- we'll be eating during that in effort to support the town. I'm sure there won't be anything 'healthy', but...

You'll also notice my rather lengthy baking list. Last week when I went shopping I discovered how unhealthy (and how much "extra" stuff) tortillas were! Same thing with pitas! I'm going to attempt to make them both this coming week! I've found promising recipes and if they work, I'll share! Anyway, the list is lengthy because you can make far better foods with less junk in them- if you just try. So, try I am!

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