Monday, August 22, 2011

My Medicine Cabinet (Top 10)

The hubby is watching Ice Road Truckers. Again. I don't mind the show, honestly I don't. I just don't want to watch back to back to back episodes on it courtesy of Netflix. I was checking in on some other blogs and came across: Top Ten {Tuesday}

Sounds fun! Except it isn't specific about what I have to list 10 of... My mind is running through the various options. Then it dawned on me! I could do a top 10 of my must-haves in the medicine cabinet!

1. Honey! Honey is ah-ma-zing. Why? Because it's everything you ever need. It's not just a sweetener, it's medicinal! It helps soothe sore throats, ease coughs, and is full of vitamins. Eating local honey may even help with seasonal allergies. Honey is a natural antiseptic so putting it on a cut or a scrape is beneficial. I've even used honey on minor burns! For the health benefits though, honey must be raw and local is even better.

2. Elderberry! What did I do before I discovered this wonderful, wonderful berry? It's a great immune booster! I give my youngest some almost daily in the fall and winter, and then the girls get some when they start showing signs of being run down or the beginning of a cold. Just like honey, it has vitamins too, including a large amount of vitamin C. Which is why its so wonderful to take with a cold or flu, but also why it makes for a immunity booster. The brand I have discovered works best for my kids is Natures Way, Sambucus Kids. *Honest, we like it! I wasn't paid to say that*

3. Eucalyptus! Decongestant? Yep! Antiseptic? Yep! Antibacterial? Yep! Another perfect for anytime, but especially cold and flu season! I love, love, love my eucalyptus essential oil! I like to add some to the laundry water when I wash my sheets or put some in a spray bottle with water and spritz around the house. Eucalyptus is in the Vics Vapor Rub because it helps with many respiratory problems- bronchitis, colds, sinus congestion. It's great to add a few drops of oil into steaming water and inhale the steam, too! Because it's an antiseptic, you could even put it on bug bites.

4. Tea Tree Oil! You can treat acne, fungus, warts, and congestion (put a few drops in hot water and breathe the steam). It, too, is an anti-septic so you can apply it to wounds- though be careful- check to see if you have a full strength or a mild one. Our tea tree oil is safe to apply directly to skin and I've used it many times to treat scrapes and cuts and the many boo-boos that frequent our house.

5. Vitamin C! Vitamin C is best in its natural state, but one can only eat so many oranges and leafy green veggies! We all take a vitamin C supplement daily and when we start to feel a cold coming on- or allergies- or just that run down feeling- we pop a few more vitamin C supplements. It may not prevent you from feeling ill, but it will help your body fight it and will shorten the duration. You may not realize it, but you might have a vitamin C deficiency if you smoke, are taking antibiotics, have allergies, take a birth control pill, or are over the age of 60.

6. Peppermint! We use our peppermint essential oil to make things smell nice (occasionally added to laundry or such), but also to help with headaches. A few drops of peppermint essential oil added to a cool wash rag helps the headache go away. It also helps with nauseous. Peppermint isn't recommended for everyone, especially children. So as always, make sure you know what you're doing before you do it! You should never apply peppermint oil directly to your skin.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar! Bacteria fighter and full of amazing minerals like calcium, iron, and the list goes on and on! Many, many uses for this vinegar and there are many things that you can add ACV to for health purposes! Get your research on!

8. Lavender! Lavender is more mild and more kid-friendly than some essential oils. It can be applied directly to your skin. We use it for children's headaches- a cool, wet washrag with a few drops does wonders. Plus, lavender is a relaxing scent. I've been known to have the kids smell the lavender if they are stressed. You can also apply it to your bedding in the wash, or a drop or two on your pillow. It's also great for tummy problems- ranging from upset tummy to PMS issues. A few drops rubbed in a circular motion or put on a wet washrag and placed on your tummy.

9. Kefir! Ok, ok, so this isn't actually in my medicine cabinet, but it should be- if my medicine cabinet was refrigerated! Probiotics! Check out the 78 health benefits Your Kefir Source came up with!

10. Garlic! God's antibiotic! Just like honey, the medicinal uses of garlic are when it's in the raw form. I cook with a lot of garlic especially in the fall and winter to help prevent colds. Just like everything else I've listed, there are tons of uses for garlic- you just have to get out there and search for them!

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ICStarzz said...

Great post! My favorites here are Eucalyptus, Garlic, Lavender, and Vitamin C! :D
I am not a big fan of medications and pills, which makes this list even better to me cause these are all natural. :)
Oh and as far as Netflix, I totally feel your pain. My hunni watches back to back history and discovery, I feel like I'm back in school sometimes. lol
Where's the mindless TV at? hehe


Anita said...

Love it!! I use all you listed with the exception of kefir.

jillconyers said...

Hi from a new follower! What a great list. I'm adding a medicine cabinet makeover to my to do list.

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SimplyMe said...

Love that Lilla Rose has brought us together. Even though I didn't have a lot of time today, this particular post I found interesting. I have just purchased a capsule machine because I will be replacing OTC garbage and making my own cold care capsules. I already use most of the things you listed and have others on


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