Friday, August 19, 2011

Ready to get back!

Summer was absolutely awesome! To recap, we had Nana & Papaw come for a visit in May, actually went to Mt. Rushmore (as opposed to just driving by), had a Family Crusade at our church that had a ventriloquist and gospel illusionist, amazing trip to Yellowstone, Vacation Bible School, and almost 2 weeks back in our home state visiting with friends and family! To top that off, my eldest attended not one, but two "camps", both Science related. Awesome!

But during the summer our healthy(er) eating habits slipped away. We ate out entirely WAY too much and I didn't bake anything from scratch all summer long. There was no set bedtime, or waking up time. We only cleaned the house if there was a major spill, other than that we only did minimal work! You get the gist.

OF COURSE I'M READY TO GET BACK! I am absolutely looking forward to having routines- house cleaning, school, bedtime, baking, exercise.

It's like a fresh, clean slate.

I love being a homemaker. I have been blessed to be a wife and a mom. The blessings have just continued by me being a home educator. It's my job keep the house running smoothly and I can do this by maintaining routines. I can keep the house clean and help my family be active. We've slowly been reducing our TV watching- in fact, over the summer is reduced drastically. Well, except in the evenings. However, there's an area that I need to work on. Yep, you guessed it, the internet!


I love the internet. I always have. I love Facebook, Twitter, blogging, e-mailing, surfing, and instant messaging! But my obsession is not good for my family. I need to find a good balance between "social networking" and being a great wife and mom! If I sit in front of the computer instead of having a meaningful conversation with my kids or husband, or if I miss out on a rousing game of tag, or if I just appear "unavailable", what good am I?

So what does this have to do with getting back on track? It's the fresh slate I was talking about! I'm taking advantage of a new season to put this change of life into practice.

School starts on the 29th, but starting on Monday we will be getting things into our "school routine". I will be making a big effort to chose wisely when I sit in front of the TV, computer, or even my iPhone. I want to be part of my family- in all aspects. I don't want to be addicted to something.

So, just like I chose to bake bread instead of buying it because it's healthier for my family (no "junk" added), and just like I enjoy taking family walks because it's healthier for my family (exercise and bonding), and just like I keep the house clean for the family because it's healthier (less stress, less germs) is why I will be making a huge effort to kick this addiction- it's healthier for my family. An invested mom and wife!


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musicalmary said...

Erika ~ I understand what you are saying 110%! this is my goal, as well. I am glad you linked your blog with Three Thinking Mothers, too. :-) Now get off your computer! Ha!



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