Thursday, September 1, 2011

September, already?!

Where has the year gone? In just three short months we will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of us moving to Nebraska and my husband becoming the missionary here. Fall temps will be arriving and I'm sure that not far behind will be the snow. My husband celebrates his b'day tomorrow and my youngest daughter celebrates at the end of October. Before I know it, it will be thanksgiving and Christmas!

I'm starting the
3in30 I'm In!!
It's designed to make meeting your goals easier, by doing it 3 at a time. My goals for the month of September are simple:

  1. Spray paint the stove
  2. Get caught up on all my sewing
  3. Walk dogs twice a week

    I've had the spray paint for my stove for MONTHS! I obviously need this challenge! Same thing with my sewing. We use cloth napkins and I have about 12 napkins that need to be sewed, plus some adjustments to some of the kid's clothes. I also need to get back on track with exercise, but also want to incorporate specific time with the dogs. Thus challenge three, I can do this and the 3 in 30 is a good place to keep my accountable! 
 September is going to be a busy month for us. We start Sunday School at the mission. We resume our Bible studies. Girl Scouts begin with me being a 1st time leader (Daisy Troop!). And our Wednesday night youth meeting resumes. We are also having a revival towards the end of the month and I'm hosting a Premeir Jewelry party.

Always something to do, something to keep us busy, something to throw our schedule off.

September is going to be that month that I conquer! I am tired of giving in to not exercising or eating right "because _______". That is not going to be something I'm allowed to do.

Thank goodness for fresh starts. New months. New weeks. New schedules. New routines. 
My fresh start begins now
What about you? What are you thankful for? Come over to

 The Marathon Mom and join the blog hop!


adjunctmom said...

I'd be terrified to put get caught up on my sewing on my list. I don't think I can list all of the partial projects I have in drawers waiting for me to spend time sewing.

I recently read somewhere that the way one woman sewed through her children's younger stages was to not wait for big chunks of time and, instead, keep the sewing machine ready at all times for the five or ten minutes that she could sew when they were occupied.

SparingChange said...

Great goals! Looking forward to seeing before/after pictures of the stove. :-)

Jenni said...

I'm working on sewing something this month as well. Good luck! :)

Miranda said...

I'm so bad at keeping myself to my to-do list. I think by putting it on my blog and giving myself a certain time limit would certainly keep me accountable!
Stopping by from Thankful Thursday :).

Lorie said...

New 3in30, homeschool mom of 4, wondering what happened to the past 8 months myself!
Great goals!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of the stove and the sewing projects!

Lisa said...

Welcome to the Challenge! I really is a great place for encouragement and accountability.

I had a project that I got done last month that I had on my to-do list for a really long time and the "spurring on" from this group was just the incentive I needed!

Have fun getting those goals accomplished!

petra said...

New to the 3 in 30 challenge but seeing all the goals posted, I'm becoming more and more encouraged. Can't wait to see the stove progress and may just paint mine too. :-)


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