Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life Keeps Me Hopping!

I don't usually have such a long break between blog posts, but I almost have taken a month off from it! Unintentionally, of course! This shall be my "update" post! Then, with any luck, it won't be so long between!

We have done about 8 weeks of school and are about to take a week long- much need, much planned for- break. There have been ups and downs, but for the most part it's been a great experience. We really enjoy our ABeka curriculum and it seems to agree with us.

She has learned about periods and commas, double digit multiplication and subtraction, and times tables up to 6. She's read several biographies, attended art day with the homeschool group, and wrote a paper about turkeys. We've had random discussions over the English language and how confusing it is. For instance, "ie" as in movie. Says a long E sound. Yet chilly has a y and has a long E sound. But if you put the "ie" in field, it no longer says the long E sound. We're just saying... It does get a little tricky! She's enjoyed her time at Brownies and gets a LOT of socialization there and at church! In case you were wondering. She's started reading Pilgrim's Progress (ABeka version) and seems to enjoy picking sections to read in her health book. Science has been a blast with Daddy teaching. I'd say her biggest frustration would be cursive. She is an overachiever (see, there's that long E again) and gets very frustrated when it doesn't look a certain way.

I won't lie, school is not an easy thing for her. However, she is determined. She has made some huge leaps and bounds in reading and Language. Her writing is neat and she is spelling things much easier. She has learned about root words and suffixes and accomplished her opposite Language sheet all on her own today! I feel that she understands math, but when it comes to actually writing her answers down it flusters her. We've been discussing measurements and she knows them all! Sometimes she knows things that her siblings didn't remember! I've been spending a lot of time lately trying to figure out ways to make her learning fit HER! The biggest change that I've noticed is that she walks around with a book now- she might not always get the word right, but it's a HUGE start! For us, it's been discovering her learning style. She enjoys being a Brownie with Mistic and had a lot of fun at the homeschool art day.

She's a whiz. I've said it before, but we have yet hit the "teaching" part. She picks up on things very quickly and has a good time with it. She has tackled double digit addition- no carrying, measurements, compound words, counting to 1000, dozen and half dozen. She is a proud Daisy, had fun at the art day, and is counting down to her b'day (little over a week)!

Preschool has been slow. We learned about the letter D today. And we're fine tuning our counting to 10. However, he knows most shapes and colors and he's a typical little boy. I'm not worried about what he does or doesn't know! We do have fun though doing "school" while Daddy teaches the sisters Science. Today we glued popcorn kernels on the letter Dd and read a really cool tractor book!

Everything Else!
Things at the mission are going nicely. I stay incredibly busy working on Sunday School lessons, midweek youth lessons, and Ladies' Bible study lessons! It's great though! Being able to teach people why we believe what we believe, to encourage children to memorize Bible verses, and to reveal parts of the Scripture to women has bee awesome! God has been so good! We see growth and change all around and know that He is responsible!

I am loving being a Daisy Girl Scout Leader. It's true blessing to be able to spend that time with my daughter and I've even made new friends through it! At our last meeting we made cards for a girl who had been involved in a very bad car wreck. Such a neat experience to see the 5-6 year olds put My Little Pony stickers on a card because they knew it'd make her feel better!

Health & Fitness? Well... I've been trying. One of my new friends is a runner and she has inspired me to actually pursue my "secret" dream of being a runner. I've always been envious of the runners... I've always wanted to be one... but I AM NOT an athletic person. Nor am I the healthiest nor do I have the "look" of a runner. In fact, if you saw me and knew I wanted to be a runner you'd probably LAUGH! But that's ok... I've been out there the last two weeks pursuing my dream! It's a slow process, but I'm getting there. And it's funny... ever notice how if you are working out, the healthier eating just comes along with it? Or at least for me. SO it's win-win. Kill two birds with one stone! My running goal? To run a 5k. Right now, I'm building up to just running 1 mile without stopping! I'm okay with it being a slow process. It's all about getting there and setting a WONDERFULLY AWESOME example to my children!

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