Monday, January 9, 2012

1st Day as "almost completely Charlotte Mason"

Today was a great day! I think we may have found what really works for us! I don't claim to know everything about Charlotte Mason or her methods, but from everything I've read I LOVE! After a three week break, we resumed our schedule with only minor hitches.

We started the morning at 7:01am. Nobody is allowed out of bed until after 7am and today all three girls were up and at 'em! By 7:05am all three girls were up, dressed, and beds made! The amazement doesn't end there! My youngest two daughters unloaded the dishwasher this morning- which was the oldest one's chore! Just to be nice! (Wait!!! Are they starting to listen?!)

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day!

By 8:10am were we sitting down for our Bible time. My hopeful start time was 8:30am, so we were totally ahead of schedule! Daddy is reading a parable a day, and today's parable was the lost sheep. Nothing like starting your day, or week, off with Bible and prayer time with your family. These are the moments I live for!

Afterwards, it was time for our copy work. We copied our Bible verse (Psalms 139:14), even Isaiah got into the "copy work" action by making rainbow letters!

Today was our Science day. I figured it was time that we learned a little more about the great state that we live in, so all this week our Science and History lessons will have something to do with Nebraska.

Dad joined our lesson.

Our state mammal: White-tailed deer
Our state insect: Honey bee
Our state bird: Western Meadowlark

Aspen and Faith reading in their room while Isaiah and I did some "school" and Mistic worked on her English- independently! Woohoo! This was a total trial, what I didn't want to happen was needing to help Mistic with English and Faith and Aspen go play their DS or watch TV. I wanted everything that was done this morning to be focused on learning. Their reading levels are very similar and I sent them back with a piece of paper to write down words that they didn't know!

Family math time!

Another benefit I found to the Charlotte Mason method was actually having more time to spend with my preschooler. I told my husband that I spent more time with him today "teaching" than I have the entire first semester. Ok, that might have been slightly exaggerating, but not much. It wasn't really a "lesson" either. I had things for him to do at certain times and I was able to join him on a few of them. We played in lentils- tracing letters and then matched Big letters with Little letters. None of it was "planned" but I felt like even the preschool class had a sucessful day!

A key to Charlotte Mason is adding things that aren't "typical". Today we had art. We studied Vincent van Gogh. It was neat looking at some of his paintings and drawings. We took time to really look at them, to see what grabbed our attention right off, to notice the fine details. It was great! I loved it and I'm the teacher! After our lesson, we made our own fingerpaint and then our own masterpieces!

Mistic's masterpiece, she's titled it "Dancing Dots"!

Yep! Today was a great day! Hoping tomorrow follows a similar pattern!

Homemade Fingerpaint
1/4 cup cornstarch
2 cup cold water

Combine in saucepan and bring to a boil until mixture thickens. Pour into bowl or container. Add a few drops of food coloring and a drop or two of dishsoap (to help with cleanup).

Wait until completely cooled down before creating your own masterpiece!

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meandmy2monsters said...

Looks like it was a good and fun day! I am interested in learning more about Charlotte Mason. I have to do my research on the different methods of homeschool for next year! :)

Our Side of the Mountain said...

What a GREAT start to your Charlotte Mason-ish learning! We also follow SOME of Charlotte Mason, but it's been a natural progression towards it over the years. (I just didn't know what it was called until the last few years! LOL)

Elizabeth Norton (@edVAcation) said...

What a lovely day!!! Looks like you guys are off to a great 2012!!! FIrst time visiting we will be back soon!!!

Michelle said...

Looks like a great start!!!


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