Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beginning Charlotte

Winter birthdays and holidays are officially done. Time to move forward!

Today I started Jordan Rubin's 10 day winter cleanse. I won't lie... It's a very boring day! I made a wonderful, full of nutrient, chicken soup. It's very light and easy to digest. It has nutrients from garlic, onion, veggies, and chicken. The longer you boil a whole chicken, the more good stuff you get! So the broth is very important here. It's all whole foods, some organic, some not. On day one, that's all you eat. Chicken soup. Up to five times a day. Good news is that tomorrow night we get a humongous salad- and then after a week we can add some dairy back. I'm looking forward to seeing what results the husband and I get from this.

School is out until Monday and I have most of the basis of our new schedule finished. I've discovered Charlotte Mason and her approach sounds exactly what I've been looking for. In my effort to be more natural, it means I need to keep focused on how my children would naturally approach something. Let's take kindergarten for example.... back a hunderd or more years ago children were free to learn through play and every day life. Then we started with kindergarten being a place where it was more like a slightly more advanced version of a daycare. Naptime was there and kindergarten was optional. Now, kindergarten is all but completely required everywhere and the 5 year olds are doing some heavy duty work! I want to get back to the natural way kids learn and Charlotte Mason nails it! She encourages children before grade 1 to learn through play and hands on! It doesn't stop there, from grades 1-3 there are a lot of character building and gentle, easy lessons. Math is hands on. Lots of copy work. English and grammar are introduced through copy work and it isn't until about grade 4 before serious lessons are introduced. Charlotte Mason encouraged small lessons, 10-15 minutes per subject for elementary students. Every book that was read, was read with a purpose- it was a living book. Nature walks, arts like pictures and theatre were taught. Simply Charlotte Mason and Ambleside Online are great websites that I found a lot out about CM and her methods! Here lately I've been reading all I can about her and getting my schedule lined out. I still have my old curriculum that I will use until we finish, but over the next few months I will be ordering Apologia Astronomy and Mystery of History. Both those curriculums fit nicely in with a CM lifestyle, using a real book approach. In fact, the MoH teaches history chronologically. A big plus! We'll still have English and Math, but my approach to teaching them will be different. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it works for us!


Tina Hollenbeck said...

We've been a CM-style family for most of our home education journey (my girls are 9 and 10 now), and it has been great. I feel confident you'll love MOH - we just started it this year after trying something else that said it was CM but really was not, and we are really enjoying it. I use Answers in Genesis instead of Apologia, but Apologia is great, too.

For math, we use Math-U-See and Life of Fred...and for language arts, you might really like All About Spelling and Queen Language Arts - both very CM-friendly. :^)

flmom said...

My oldest absolutely loved the Apologia elementary series books. I'm looking forward to going through them all again with my youngest this coming school year (we'll be starting with astronomy).

Michelle said...

I am THRILLED to hear of your switch! Congrats! You'll love it..


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