Monday, January 30, 2012

Just another Monday, just another lesson!

Today was pajama day!

I know, I know.... we're homeschoolers, so we're suppose to do school in our pajamas. However, we're the type that get up, get dressed and get started on things! The kids loved today though!

Not everyone wanted to stay in pajamas, even though today was pajama day. Apparently, it wouldn't do to have the missionary running around town in his pj's.

There's just something really special about seeing a man hold a Bible. We love our family Bible time together and I thank God that my husband is willing to step up to the plate and lead his family spiritually! Such a true blessing, and somewhat of a rarity these days!

Thanks to the hubby for hooking up my laptop to the TV we are know able to watch things "classroom" style! Loving YouTube! We reviewed about nouns before moving on to our copy work. School House Rock really does rock!

Today we studied about Alexander Graham Bell. The link has a lot of wonderful print outs for your use and I found a really neat YouTube video! It was a full length episode! Major score! We'll be studying about him for the rest of the week!

We learned many neat facts today! Did you know the song Bell's assistant, Watson, sang over the telephone was "Buffalo Gal" or that Mr. Bell was a teacher at a school for the deaf?! We also learned a little bit of sign language today. I use to interpret at church for the deaf, those were some wonderful memories and it was neat to pass on some of my knowledge to my children.

For math, the girls learned about the 2 multiplication tables!

With YouTube, you can learn ANYTHING! We then turned out lesson into a hand's on by grouping Goldfish into twos! It helped my 8 year old concrete her facts (and build her confidence) and showed my 6 and 7 year olds something new! My 4 year old simply counted his Goldfish! School, especially math, is always better with a snack!

I just love our Children's Dictionary! It's such a bright, colorful book that even the youngest loves looking at it!

How did you start the week off?

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